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02 Jun. 2020
MOTION CARDS| for the period 1/7/20 - 4/7/20 Motion cards will not be issued or topped up.
​Due to the expiration of the company's contract with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, οn 4/7/2020, we inform you that for the period from 1/7/2020 until 4/7/2020, Motion Cards will not be issued or topped up with ticket or money at the ticket offices.
26 May 2020
As of Sunday, the 31st of May 2020 all routes, canceled due to COVID-19, will be operated as usual. 
18 Mar. 2020
Public Holidays 2020
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20 Feb. 2020
AGLANTZIA CARNIVAL | on Sunday 23/2/20 Kyrianias Avenue will be closed and some routes will be free of charge
Due to Aglantzia Carnival, on Sunday 23/02/2020, some routes will be free for charge and the Urban Route 150 will change due to the closed road Kyrinias Avenue.  
17 Feb. 2020
ROUTES CHANGES | as of Monday 24/2/2020 changes on Urban Routes and on Assisting routes of Alampra Bus Station and West Area
​As of Monday the 24th of February 2020, the timetable of the Urban Routes and the Assisting Routes of Alampra Bus Station and West Area will change as follows:
17 Jan. 2020
HALF MARATHON NICOSIA 2020| the roads in Nicosia will be closed on Sunday 19/1/2020. The routes that will be affected are 140, 148, 150, 215, 259, 405, 406C, 408
Due to Half Marathon Nicosia 2020, on Sunday 19/1/2020 from 07:00 a.m until 12:00 a.m the roads in Nicosia will be closed and route of OSEL will be affected.
13 Dec. 2019
BUS STOP 881 & 1394 | will not be served by routes
As of Monday 23 of December 2019, the bus stops 881 and 1394, will not be served by the following routes. 
06 Dec. 2019
CLOSE ROAD | 7/12/2019, Avenue 28 Oktovriou Egkomi
On Saturday 07/12/2019, Avenue 28 Oktovriou to Egkomi will be closed from 08:00 until 23:00
20 Nov. 2019
ROUTE 405, 406, 408 | change on route as of 25/11/2019
​As of Monday the 25th of November 2019, the route 405,406 and 408 will change as follows:
15 Nov. 2019
WEST AREA | as of 19/11/2019 the timetable of route 400,405, 406C and assisting routes will change
​As of Tuesday, the 19/11/2019 the timetable of Rural Routes 400, 405, 406C and the Assisting Routes of West Area will change as follows:
14 Nov. 2019
ROUTE 400 | as of 16/11/2019 the route 400 will start and finish to Solomon Square
As of Saturday, the 16th of November 2019 the starting point of Route 400 to Nicosia will change as follows: 
26 Sep. 2019
ANOIGMA KOLOKASI | closed until further notice.
As of Wednesday, the 2nd of October 2019 the Anoigma Kolokasi will be closed for traffic until further notice.
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